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Tangie Newborn, CLC, President

Tangie Newborn, CLC, President

Tangie is an experienced consultant with over 30 years of experience working with businesses and nonprofits in organizational development, diversity & inclusion, marketing, public relations, and fundraising. Prior to consultancy, she served as Executive Director & CEO of several nonprofits, Town Administrator for a Maryland municipality, and association executive for various organizations. She is known for her strategic focus and savvy fundraising skills, which has been used to turn-around several organizations, take companies to the next level and increase their bottom-line.

Tangie is also a Master Life Coach, Executive Coach, author, and national-known speaker. She is also the founder and lead-coach for ThinkMosaic, a life coaching firm in Maryland. She serves on the Editorial Board of Nonprofit World Magazine as well as various other nonprofit boards.

Tangie is a freelance writer and has been featured in several publications such as Associations Now, Chronicle of Philanthropy, CEO Update, Nonprofit World Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal; and, a co-author of the book Membership Operations, a core competencies management series with the American Society of Association Executives.